This year i'm gonna have a special birthday week !!! Why a week when it lasts only one day? Cuz i can ' t really put together everybody in one party !So i took this as a nice excuse ..Lol

it will start Jan 5th in Rome @ Lanificio 159 with one of my special friend and fierce artist in the house music industry : INDIA !!

 So save the date and come 'n celebrate with me !!!

Venerdi 11 Gennaio Luca G Celebration day al Joia insieme a tutte le persone con cui ho cominciato la mia priam avventura nel mondo del clubbing : Il legendario Question Mark

Sabato 12 Gennaio a Caserta con Bordhello  @ Mono  club

Let's celebrate life and music will be our best friend !!!





Luca G